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Happy new year everyone! We’re starting 2020 with a brand new interview, introducing you guys this time to Your Own Medicine! Check out the full interview below 🙂

Hello, Your Own Medicine! Thanks for taking time to answer a couple of questions for us. Would you mind introducing your band to our readers?

Hi there, we are Your Own Medicine from Denver, CO! Mike Kellogg – Vocals and guitar, Emerson Willis – Guitar, Carlos Martin – Bass, and Bo Burbank – Drums.

What’s the story behind your band’s name?

C: When Mike and I were in a band called Redline Defiance a few years ago there was a bit of a break up and we had another band right after that that he wanted to call Your Own Medicine as if to say this is what you get. Not sure if that’s entirely the idea behind the name but he was really keen on using it and we ended up not doing so.

M: Our band revolves around the idea of relief and sanctuary. Medicine can be received in so many different ways. Our vein is music. We create what we love musically, in hopes that you will benefit from it in your own way. Let it move you. Make a quiet world loud. Use it to create memories. Make it “Your Own Medicine”.

You’ve recently unveiled “Better Together”, the second single off of your upcoming full length. What’s the story behind this song?

M: It is a song written with love about my girlfriend. I playfully struggle to convey my thoughts. How will I tell her? Words alone won’t do. The song is built on the idea that beauty, in this instance, is indescribable.

Can we talk about your upcoming record? How long have you worked on it?

M: Our new record, “Regenerate”, has been a work in progress for a few years now. Recorded at The Band Cave, with producer Mike Anderson. A great experience. We are already working on new songs for a follow up EP release in 2020

C: Too long! It has been about a two-year process. But thrilled to have things ready to rock now!

B: We can’t be more excited about how the record has turned out though. It will be coming out this spring and I can’t wait to share it with people as it has been a ton of time, money and work to put out the best possible album that we can make. I think people will really like what they will be hearing.

What kind of songs can we expect on this record?

C: I would say a little bit of everything. I like to think we have a pretty versatile sound and we try to put that into our music while retaining what makes us, us.

M: Songs on this record promise electric melodies with memorable hooks. An indie approach of mainstream rock. Something for everyone.

B: Catchy, very, very catchy. Songs that will be buried inside your brain!

How’s your usual writing process and where do you find your inspiration?

M: Writing process of the songs vary. We have a great system where we all have input on musical melodies/riffs. Then the song will be constructed, and lyrics will be added. My inspiration for songs also varies. Most of my ideas come from the life around me. Ideas from favorite movies, hobbies, places, and experiences. Favorites can be good or bad in this sense. Anything that sparks the right amount of emotion to me will become a song eventually. My favorite songs I write tend to be about others, oddly enough.

C: Generally, the writing process works that one of us comes up with a riff or two and we just build upon it organically. In general, we have a round robin process where each band member gets to put in the type of things they want to work on so everyone gets a chance at being the creative leader. While at the same time the whole band develops and finishes the song together, so it is always everyone’s song.

B: It’s always a heavy blend of everyone’s influences and styles. Mike helms the vocals and we all come together to make the music.

The last words are for you. If you have a message to convey, here’s your chance!

M: The world we live in is vast. So much to do, so little time. Growing up happens so fast. So many of us lose personal sight. It’s very easy to get caught in the tight noose of society, making it hard to find peace. Hard to find your place. Search. Make yourself. For me, music is my life. The staple of my memories. The blood in my veins. Your Own Medicine is my vessel. My way of reaching out to you. I can’t wait for you to hear my story.

C: Just Check us out!

B: We say that Your Own Medicine is the soundtrack to living your best life. Live each day as your last and have fun doing it. Just let us be your soundtrack as you go along your journey.

Thanks for your time!

Band picture by @hayesfoto

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