These songs helped me get through this endless pandemic!

Stand Up Stacy

German rockers Stand Up Stacy reveal “The Best Of Me”

Van Full of Nuns

Van Full of Nuns reveal their music video for “Unbound”

Burning Nickels

Burning Nickels reveal their 5-song EP!

Moldy Roses

Video premiere: Pop-punks Moldy Roses reveal their new single, “Millennial Falcons”!

Magnolia Park

Magnolia Park reveal their new single, “Love Me”, featuring Kellin Quinn!

Moldy Roses is your newest pop-punk outfit, hailing from Southern California, bringing with them the straight forward snotty pop-punk sing-along-songs we all miss from the late 90’s.

Moldy Roses

After the release of their single “Bleach”, the guys are proud to reveal their new song, “Millennial Falcons”, along with a music video available to watch below.

On the shooting experience, the band comments: “Lucky for us, our singer’s landlord is a 6th and 7th grade art teacher who mentioned to us that he was moving classrooms and had an empty one to spare for a day. We knew the timing of the janitors, and had to film the entirety of the video in about 5 hours in between their shifts. Once the morning janitor left, we piled into the classroom with lights and cameras, and spent the next 5 hours shooting as much film as we could with whatever we had available. It was hot (laughs).

Bleach” and “Millennial Falcons” are both taken from the band’s self-titled debut EP, out since November 6th 2020 on major streaming platforms. Moldy Roses have their second EP already in post production: stay tuned!

Band picture: Dylan Anthony

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