Anytime Soon

Anytime Soon have a lot of plans scheduled for this new decade!


Indie punks Spillway unveil details on new single, “Autumn Leaves”!


Pop-punks Ashford unveil their debut single, “I’ll Be Fine”!

Oh! You Pretty Things

Oh! You Pretty Things reveal their debut EP, “N is for Nostalgia”!

Your Own Medicine

Your Own Medicine talk about their upcoming record, “Regenerate”!

The August Guns (punk rockers from Des Moines, IA, United States)

Punk rockers The August Guns talk about their new EP, titled “Born Into Noise”!

Orion has unveiled, a few weeks ago, his new single “Invocations”. The latter is now available to stream on major streaming platforms!

On this new release, the artist comments:

Produced in partnership with Marco Porrà, an Italian producer also known as MPM, “Invocations,” marks the birth of a fresh new sound. This new paradigm is brought forth by combining my diverse love of underground music genres. Think elements of death metal, hardcore and punk, mixed with hip hop vibes and a pop sensibility. It’s a concept I’ve been manifesting for years, and the stars have finally aligned to make this the perfect time to share my ideas.

In the song there is a reoccurring theme of not wanting to be a slow suicide. The idea of this lyric refers to the concept of working yourself to death. Many of us spend our lives working for others until the day we die, the clock ticks down to zero and then it’s over. What do we really have to show for it? We should all be looking inwards first and then outwards to the others we share the earth with.

The overall message of this song is to cultivate your personal power, break the cycle of a wage-slave mentality, love yourself and spread that love to your fellow man and woman. I want listeners to know they CAN claim their personal freedom through compassion, expressing the divine spark within each of us.

With a strong and capable team behind him, Orion is definitely ready to make an impact on the global music scene and collective consciousness by spreading good vibes and giving back to the universe through diverse underground music.

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