Zygote - Banner Promo

Zygote re-release 1991 album, “A Wind of Knives”

American Thrills

American Thrills release “Regular Blokes” ahead of their EP!

Up Periscope

Up Periscope reveal hard-hitting single, “Every Autumn”

Hiding From Humans

Hiding From Humans talk about new single “Whinge”!

Mess Out

Punk rockers Mess Out unveil their debut EP “Wolves”

Three Cheers Too Late

Three Cheers Too Late drop new single, “Everything, Everyone”

Three Cheers Too Late is a five-piece Alternative Pop Punk band from Freehold, New Jersey. A few days ago, the guys have revealed their new single, “Everything, Everyone”, along with a music video!

Three Cheers Too Late

On this new song, the band comments: “There comes a time in life when everyone has to say goodbye to either someone or something they loved. Recently, I’ve experienced this after losing my grandmother due to complications from surgery. The next thing I knew, I was saying goodbye. At that moment, and ever since it has felt like the whole world I knew is different. As if the sun will never shine again. I have to learn what life is like without her.

This idea of eventually having to say goodbye to everything and everyone you have loved inspired me to write Everything, Everyone. We all eventually have to learn this truth and understand that time stands still for no one. No one is indestructible. In the end, nothing lasts forever.”

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