Learn the story behind Ethafulm’s single, “Paint Buds”!

Air Drawn Dagger

Punks Air Drawn Dagger talk about their new double release!

Anytime Soon

Anytime Soon have a lot of plans scheduled for this new decade!


Indie punks Spillway unveil details on new single, “Autumn Leaves”!


Pop-punks Ashford unveil their debut single, “I’ll Be Fine”!

Oh! You Pretty Things

Oh! You Pretty Things reveal their debut EP, “N is for Nostalgia”!

The Lost Boys are New Zealand’s latest attempt at trying to defend Pop Punk. A sound that is reminiscent of the 00’s Pop-Punk greats, the boys are trying to bring it back.

On their latest single “Perfect Nine”, the guys comment: “The song is about that first moment of attraction. Everyone has been in a situation where they have been too nervous to approach someone. Over thinking, over analyzing, and never doing anything about it. You end up looking like someone who just stares into space and day dreams about all the ‘what ifs’. It’s a light-hearted take on not valuing yourself enough to make move.

The music was written to emulate your classic Pop Punk 00’s sound, a nostalgic take on what we love about the genre – catchy melodies, huge riffs and massive drums!


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