Introducing the DIY punk label, TNSrecords!

Introducing the DIY punk label, TNSrecords!

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Introducing the DIY punk label, Horn & Hoof Records!

Introducing the DIY punk label, Jetsam-Flotsam!

Introducing the DIY punk label, Jetsam-Flotsam!

Made up of three best friends from the town of Shrewsbury (UK), The Losing Score are a 3-piece band who’s sound blends elements of different genres, creating a hybrid of punk, rock and emo.

The Losing Score

The band’s first EP was released in December 2018, with the lead single “Alphabet Soup”. Since then, The Losing Score have played in different cities across the UK, co-headling their first ever tour as well as opening for some iconic artists such as Prince Daddy & The Hyena, Chris Farren and Oso Oso. After one full year as an active band, The Losing Score began recording their second EP which is yet to be released.

Their new single, “The Modern Art of Hitting Snooze”, is The Losing Score’s first song release since December 2018. On this new song, the band comments: “‘Snooze’ is our first new song in 18 months. After adding this song to live sets in 2019, we decided to record it ourselves and release it as a standalone single to bridge the long gap between EP 1 and EP 2. It’s not much more than fun song about procrastination and how we ALL make plans that we never quite get around to doing, however I still think the meaning behind the song speaks to a lot of people.

Lyrics such as “I’m stuck in rush hour traffic because the scenic route was too much effort” pokes fun at how I’ll often compromise my plans because fighting for the more exciting alternative feels like too much hard work. The track was mixed by our friend Jack Jones, mastered by James Trevascus and is accompanied with artwork by Matt Petryga. Due to it’s DIY nature, the track sounds different to our first EP, but it represents the band’s live sound more honestly.

Band picture by Sarah Maiden Photography

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