Reign the Sky

Reign the Sky talk about the pandemic and their new EP!

Cold Weather Kids

Cold Weather Kids have released their debut EP!

Magnolia Park

Learn the story behind Magnolia Park’s new single!

First And Forever

First And Forever talk about newest single, “One More Time”


Midfield reveal their video for “Smackdown of the Century”


Pop-punks Fluorescents are back with a feel good summer jam!

Sixes High‘s music blurs the lines between hard rock and punk, going for a distinctive and personal twist.

Sixes High

Their most recent studio release, “Dirty Red” veers toward punk and melodic hardcore, tipping the hat off to artists as diverse as Lagwagon, Ignite, and Rise Against, and Versus The World, only to mention but a few.

With a passion for energetic riffs and vibrant rhythm sections, the band sets out to develop a personal and insightful approach to songwriting. Creating compelling tracks that strike a chord for their balance of witty lyrics and memorable melodies.

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