Scooped Up! are revealing the story behind their single, “TV Dinner”!

Punk rockers Scooped Up! are today revealing the story behind their single, “TV Dinner”. This song comes along with a music video available to watch below for those who might have missed it!

On this release, vocalist and songwriter Jimmy Barbetti comments:

This song was written about a year ago while we were finishing up our debut album. It was too late to add it to the album, so we sat on it for a while along with a few other songs. It actually started as a joke song. The melody just came to me one day, when I was messing around with the riff and the whole song wrote itself. It ended up being so catchy that instead of just writing a full on joke throw away song, we worked on it more and polished it up to be a single.

The video itself also has its own story. Vocalist Jimmy adds: “ We film and edit all our videos ourselves. I painted the whole room you see in the music video. It was one of my best friends room who told me I could paint it and then film a video in it. He sadly passed away due to suicide a month later. I didn’t finish the room until a few months after his passing, so this video was dedicated to him, Alex Jamieson.

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