The Losing Score

The Losing Score drop their first song release since December 2018!


Sydney-based pop-punk quintet SoSo have returned with ‘(Shit) Love Story’!

Coffee Talk release their debut single, titled ‘Reflections’

Coffee Talk release their debut single, titled ‘Reflections’

Incase We Crash

Pop-punks Incase We Crash are ready to reveal their new EP!

Back on Earth

Back on Earth reveal their new release, “Until Tonight”

MPM Producer

MPM Producer is back with another single, “Lives on Air”

Hello Luna explores the area between aggressive rock and melodic pop. Their energetic performance has been showcased on stages shared with Maps & Atlases, Sunflower Bear, Holy White Hounds and landed them a spot at Bunbury Music Festival.

Frontwoman Kenzie Coyne’s roots lie deeply in acoustic singer songwriter style, where she got her start over a decade ago. Cofounder Michael Neumaier elevates the instrumentation with a more rock based background. The contrast between their hard and soft approach to rock and roll elevates their sound and delivers a unique approach to modern rock.

Their latest EP “Dear Demons”, released in November of 2019, was supported by a sold out show at their hometown Columbus, Ohio venue The Basement.


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