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Montreal based pop punk band, Reign The Sky, has recently unveiled an EP, titled “From Here”. The guys are now here to talk about how they handled the pandemic as a band, as well as their new release. Check out the full interview below!

Reign the Sky

Hello Reign The Sky, thanks for your time. Would it be possible to introduce your band to our readers, as well as your roles in it?

Hey, thanks for having us! We’re a Montreal-based alternative pop punk band, we’ve been around for approximately 2 years now. The band is composed of Felix Tellier Pouliot (guitar/vocals), Yann Pouliot (bass/vocals) and Mathew Higden (drums/vocals).

How would you describe the Canadian pop-punk scene from your personal POV?

The whole scene is pretty vibrant, to be honest! Whether we think of older and more mainstream pop punk bands such as Sum 41 or Simple Plan, or more underground bands, like We Were Sharks or Bearings, we’re amazed at the quality of pop-punk produced in Canada! We honestly can’t wait for the whole pandemic to be over so that we can play and go see shows again, because we get to discover some pretty awesome acts that way!

How did you spend your time during the quarantine? Did you guys find a way to stay in touch and keep on practicing or writing songs, even from home?

We kept pretty busy! It was (and still is) a shitty situation for everyone in the band, but we tried to make the best of it. We always stayed in touch; at first, we would hang virtually and talk about future plans, but then we started doing more concrete stuff. We did remote live videos of two of our previously released songs, wrote some new tunes for our future release and worked on our live show when we were allowed to get together to rehearse. When we’ll have the opportunity to play shows post-COVID-19, we’ll be ready!

You’ve released, back in July, your new EP titled ‘From Here’. How long have you worked on it?

We’ve worked on this EP for a bit more than a year, all in all. One of the songs (We Are the Ones) is a re-recording of a song we already recorded in the past, the rest are new songs on which we’ve been working since March 2019. We recorded the whole EP in two weekends (in November 2019 and in January 2020) at Studio Sophronik in Montreal. We’d also like to do a quick shoutout to our good friends Greg and Simon from Studio Sophronik who did an outstanding job on this EP, recording-wise as well as on the mixing/mastering.

Are you satisfied with the response you got from both your fans and the media?

Yes, it’s been great! We had some of our songs featured on Spotify Playlists, which is cool and helped us gain new fans. We’ve had some good reviews too from the media/bloggers.

The artwork of the EP is really cool. Who created it and where did the inspiration come from?

Thanks! We worked on it with Jordan Anthony Scott at Clckwork Media, who did an amazing job. He also did our lyrics video for “From Here”, if you haven’t checked it out yet, get on it now! The inspiration came from the lyrics of the title track, which speaks of independence and goal attainment. We thought the emptiness and serenity of mountains combined with the lightness of the balloons were representing well the feeling of that song, and of the whole EP for that matter.

Reign the Sky - EP Artwork

The last words are for you. If you have any other projects in the making or a message to convey, here’s your chance to talk about it!

Thanks again so much for having us! Keep your ears peeled, because we have some good tunes in the making, and we can’t wait to share them with y’all! Go follow us on Instagram/Facebook (Mat doesn’t want a TikTok though haha) and if you want to support our music, check us out on Bandcamp, Spotify and any other streaming platform! Finally, SUPPORT THE LOCAL SCENE! It’s even more important in the actual situation! Stay safe and healthy, y’all!

Thanks for your time!

📸 Band picture: Sébastien Tardif

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