Zygote - Banner Promo

Zygote re-release 1991 album, “A Wind of Knives”

American Thrills

American Thrills release “Regular Blokes” ahead of their EP!

Up Periscope

Up Periscope reveal hard-hitting single, “Every Autumn”

Hiding From Humans

Hiding From Humans talk about new single “Whinge”!

Mess Out

Punk rockers Mess Out unveil their debut EP “Wolves”

Three Cheers Too Late

Three Cheers Too Late drop new single, “Everything, Everyone”

Red Deer punk rockers, Burning Nickels, are back with a music video for their single, titled “Jerome”. The song is now available on major streaming platforms as well.

Burning Nickels

On this release, Jawsh comments: “Jerome has become legendary in his pursuit of glory so it’s only natural he had a song devoted to him. The video cost millions of rupees to make and was created with home video footage of Jerome and live action shots of the band performing in front of an unfathomably large audience.

Luckily, we were able to land Rawb from The Morøns to play the bass because our last bassist recently quit to join Roxette. It all turned out great, against all odds! You’d basically be a damned fool not to check it out at this point so what are you waiting for?

Jerome” is a song taken from the band’s upcoming EP, “Bernie Goes to College”, soon to be released via High End Denim Records.

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