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Following the release of their new album “Continuous New Behavior”, punks The Cryptics had previously announced a huge US tour, from February to May 2020.

The guys are unfortunately forced to cancel the remaining dates of the first segment, until April 9th. Vocalist Tino Valpa commented on their Facebook page:

It burns my fingers to type this, but as of today we have to pull the plug on the remaining dates on the 1st segment of this tour. Now through April 9th is officially canceled. The 2nd portion of the tour (April 23rd – May 16th) we are keeping on as of right now and will wait to see the status of things come closer to those dates. Please again understand that just the remaining dates of the first segment are canceled (now through April 9th) and April 23rd – May 16th as of now is still on. We don’t know where the country will be with things by then and we don’t want to cancel prematurely. Unless you get word from us otherwise, that 2nd portion is still on. We will not back out of those dates unless we absolutely are forced to. Besides this, the Hawaii tour is still on as well.

Those of you who know us know that we are not a band to cancel or take the easy way out. Our favorite to do in life is to go out and play for you. Big shows, smaller shows, everywhere. We love it all and there’s no better feeling than being on tour and bringing our music to you face to face. We fought hard to stay out there and keep trucking through the dates. The turnouts got smaller and smaller with people being scared to come out. Then as of last night the bar/restaurant bans caused our next week of shows to cancel. Followed by many other cancellations on the way back east.

It got to the point where it wasn’t worth our time to stay out there. As the country shuts down more and more we might have also been looking at a travel ban and we need to get home. As we entered the Midwest and mountain states the shows kept getting better and better. The Pacific Northwest is where we saw the first signs of what was ahead and that carried down through the west coast. We feel so counterproductive out here ready to do what we do and it all of a sudden can’t continue. We are currently on a 2-day straight drive from Bakersfield, CA back to New Hampshire. This is the last thing we want to do.

We put so much effort, time and a ton of money into this tour. All to watch it crumble in front of us less than halfway before it’s over. We are incredibly unhappy. When this passes and things return back to normal we will absolutely be rescheduling the dates for all the cities we missed. We are not afraid, we did not give in, we just had everything around us canceling and had no choice.

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