Metalcore band Vigils is back with a new single, “Divide”!

Melisandre's Beaver - Artwork

Stream Melisandre’s Beaver’s new single ‘I’m Sorry Indy’!

Stand Up Stacy | New single “Something To Believe” out now! | What Happened to your Band?

Get to know the German punk rockers, Stand Up Stacy!

Party Divide

Party Divide reveal their first international release, “A Hostile Environment”

Stage Banter

Debut EP “Tightrope Walking” by Dutch punk band Stage Banter out now!

The Lost Boys

The Lost Boys talk about their single “Perfect Nine”!

Punks FRND CRCL are back with new single, “Famous”!

FRND CRCL does its best not to forget about the pop in pop punk. Echoing the sounds from the early 2000s hay day of the infamous genre, the band has made a name for themselves out of the South Jersey music scene.

While constantly challenging and modernizing their sound, FC has made their presence known within the Philadelphia and the Tri-State area while showing no signs of slowing down.

On their brand new single, “Famous”, the band comments: “This song is a fun and ironic take on people all doing the same things trying to be viral sensations on social media and its kind of another perspective on smart phone culture that we feel a lot of people relate too in the sense of their indifference towards it.

Musically, What Happened to your Band?