Alt-Rock band PALMIST unveils their latest single “Without Her”!

Rockers Faster on Fire have recently unveiled a new single, titled “Can't Stop Starting”.

Rockers Faster on Fire are back with single “Can’t Stop Starting”!


Punks FRND CRCL are back with new single, “Famous”!


ENDS. unveil their debut single, titled “horrorscope.”!

Hero the Band

Hero The Band are back with their new EP “Back To Myself”!


Spielothek plan on releasing their debut EP real soon!

Till I Fall talk about their latest single, “Addictive”!

Till I Fall is an Alternative / Pop-Rock band based out of San Jose, CA. Formed in 2011 by Brandon Leland, the band has been actively touring and releasing music through the independent circuit, allowing collaboration with multiple musicians and songwriters over the years.

The band has recently released a new single, titled “Addictive”. On this release, the guys comment:

The song is about being desperate for a feeling and being willing to throw away every part of who you are what you believe to try and replace what you’ve lost. It’s a song we feel is very much a part of the same world and vibe as ‘All I Have’ but is also an expansion, or an evolution of that same feeling. It was important to us to have this song out before the end of the year, not only because of the connection we feel it has to the record, but also because it we plan on taking some time from shows and touring to really focus on the writing and creative process as a band.

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