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Pop-punks The Maguas took some free time to answer a couple of questions for us. Learn more about how the pandemic affected their band, as well as more info about their latest singles and upcoming EP. Check out the full interview below!

The Maguas

Hello The Maguas, thanks for your time. Would it be possible to introduce your band to our readers, as well as your roles in it?
Erik: I’m Erik Miller and I sing for The Maguas.
Daulton: What’s up, I’m Daulton and I play guitar in the Maguas.
Brandon: Hey! My name is Brandon Ossont and I play drums for The Maguas!
Matt: Yo! I’m Matt, but most people know me as Jenks. I play guitar for The Maguas.
Luke: Hello everyone! My name is Luke Prusinski aka Tallboy. I’m the bassist for The Maguas.

How did you spend your time during the quarantine? Did you find a way to stay in touch and keep on practicing or writing songs, even from home?
Brandon: Quarantine was an interestingly productive time for our band. We had just finished prepping most of the material for this new EP right before the outbreak, so we spent most of this year releasing songs off of “One Of Us Is Lying” and really growing our fan base. Now, with our tours being cancelled, our focus has really shifted to working on new music for 2021 as well as content to keep fans engaged during our time apart from one another. We’ve been very fortunate to still be able to get together to make these things happen as a band, albeit a little less frequent than usual.

Erik: I think we’re lucky to have had all of this happen during our planned release. So, most of our time was really spent strategizing and brainstorming creative ideas. Of course, we would have been playing as many shows as possible to accompany this EP release, but I think we found a way to still try and make the best of what is a pretty terrible situation for bands.

Matt: Honestly, I wrote so many songs during quarantine. Since we weren’t playing any shows, I wanted to make the most of the free time and try to come up with as many future song ideas as possible. I also upgraded my home studio and started taking on a lot of clients to professionally produce, mix, and master. Songwriting is something I am very passionate about, and having the extra free time during quarantine has actually led to a really great side hustle I was putting off for a very long time.

Daulton: I bought a new guitar that I’m in love with, so I’ve been playing and practicing a lot. I’ve also tried to learn more when it comes to mixing. Trying to take notes from Mr. Matthew Jenkins. I think I’ve just been trying to grow as a musician.

You’ve recently released a new single “Seaglass and Springsteen”. What’s the story behind this song?
Brandon: The story of Seaglass and Springsteen is really based around the idea of summer love and that feeling someone experiences when it fades. I’ve mentioned this in previous interviews, but typically when I’m writing lyrics, I find myself writing around one particular phrase. That line serves as my inspiration for creating a story for listeners to experience and interpret for themselves. In this case, the title phrase “Seaglass and Springsteen” served as the starting point for the song, and the remainder of the lyrics shortly fell into place by relying on both anecdotal and fantasized experience. We’re definitely a band that takes a lot of pride in our lyrical storytelling and I feel it has really shined through on this new EP.

It comes along with a music video. How was the shooting experience? Any funny stories to share with our readers?
Brandon: The story behind the making of “Seaglass and Springsteen” is pretty interesting! I drove through the night after work from Virginia to make the start time for filming in Ocean City. We spent about 13+ hours filming the video and then I turned around and headed back to Virginia! It was a full 24 hours without sleep when all was said and done, if not more! Luckily, we got to film this video with our creative friends from Ionic Development which made the experience feel more like a vacation than a video shoot! This was also our first time working with an actor outside of the band, and we feel our friend Melina did an excellent job portraying her character! We’re so thankful for both Melina and Ionic Development for helping bring this story to life!

Daulton: I was in charge of getting Melina to the drop off spot in Delaware and what a day it was. I woke up at 4 a.m. to drive 3 hours to Delaware from Scranton, 3 hours back, and had to make the same trip later around 2 a.m. after they were done filming. I think I slept for about 16 hours the next day. And I got pulled over by the Delaware state troopers at 9 in the morning. But the way the video turned out makes it all so worth it. Ionic Development did an amazing and Melina was a true professional. And who knew Brandon had some acting chops!

This song is taken from your upcoming EP, “One of Us Is Lying” out November 20th. What kind of songs can we expect on this release and how long have you worked on it?
Erik: There are other songs yet to be released from OOUIL and I think these songs will bring another bit of flavor to our sound in the eyes of fans and potential fans. We spent a good amount of time throughout last year really trying to find our sound and our new EP will reflect where we ultimately landed. I think it shows a broad spectrum of influences and each song brings a little something unique to the record.

Matt: I think it’s our best work yet we’ve put out as a band. It was the first album recorded at a different studio (The Lumberyard) other than my own, and specifically working with Engineer / Producer “Nik Bruzzese” of the band Man Overboard, was a wonderful experience. Nik is such an awesome dude, and better yet, a kickass producer. He knows how to get the best out of a band while keeping the atmosphere fun and exciting. As taking on the role of the lead engineer on our previous projects, it was such a refreshing experience having another ear (Nik) behind the production and engineering.

Daulton: I think the new song, “Choke”, is more angry than our previous releases and the last song to be released is a little more experimental. But all the songs come together to produce a similar sound that is brought together through sadness in the lyrics. I’m really proud of how everything came out and I couldn’t be happier with the aesthetic and sound we created. Special thanks to Nik Bruzzese, Kurt Fowles, and Ionic Development for the hard work they put in with us.

Luke: I’m most proud of this EP. I think it marks our first venture into the music industry as a band. The songs range a fair bit in style and we spent a lot of time focusing on what direction we wanted to head in. The last two songs on the EP that have yet to be released are a change of pace from the previous 4 songs. I look forward to building upon what we have already created and exploring new sounds on future works. We started working on “One Of Us Is Lying” immediately after the release of good beer and we are following that same pattern moving forward.

Are there any fellow upcoming bands that we need to watch out for in the Pennsylvania emo scene?
Brandon: There are TONS of incredibly talented upcoming bands from PA that we could mention, but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention acts like Midfield, Goalkeeper, and Rich People. They aren’t necessarily “emo”, but they’re probably the three I personally listen to the most from the PA pop punk and up and coming scene.

Daulton: I think there’s so many awesome artists coming in the scene both in PA and in the Scranton area. Like Brandon said, Midfield, Goalkeeper, and Rich People are all great. From the Scranton area, I have to shout out our good friend Luke in Flowers For You and our friend James Barrett, both keep putting out great music.

The last words are for you. If you have any other projects in the making or a message to convey, here’s your chance to talk about it!
Brandon: With the release of our sophomore EP “One Of Us Is Lying” dropping on November 20th, I think fans will be excited to learn that we actually have been actively working on new music, content, and more for the new year. We’ve also been working behind the scenes to find ways to connect with our fans in new and exciting ways, which will all be announced in the next few weeks!

Daulton: Just to echo Brandon, we’ve been working on cool stuff related to the release of the EP, so stay tuned in to our Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. Also, I think we’ve come up with some of our best ideas during quarantine and I’m really excited to get to work putting those songs together!

Thanks for your time!

Band photoshoot by Jordan Mizrahi

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