Zygote - Banner Promo

Zygote re-release 1991 album, “A Wind of Knives”

American Thrills

American Thrills release “Regular Blokes” ahead of their EP!

Up Periscope

Up Periscope reveal hard-hitting single, “Every Autumn”

Hiding From Humans

Hiding From Humans talk about new single “Whinge”!

Mess Out

Punk rockers Mess Out unveil their debut EP “Wolves”

Three Cheers Too Late

Three Cheers Too Late drop new single, “Everything, Everyone”

Pop-punks Signs of Progress have recently unveiled a new single, “Admit It”, now available on major streaming platforms.

Signs of Progress

On this new song, lead singer, Sage Viscovi comments: “In life, most people will unfortunately have an experience with someone they were once on great terms with who ended up stabbing them in the back. I used to have someone I considered one of my best friends, who I later realized was a manipulator and would always try to victimize themself whenever they were called out on it. The final straw was after they had done something so hypocritical and directly hurtful toward me for their own gain, and I never received a proper apology.

Although you wish that these instances will never happen to you, sometimes they do and that’s out of your control. I want people to know that it’s okay to cut these people off if you feel like there’s nowhere else for that relationship to grow in a way that comforts you.

This song is taken from the band’s debut EP “Safe Haven”, produced and mastered by renowned producer Lee Dyess, who has notably worked with bands such as Mayday Parade or From First to Last. The EP is set to be released on November 20th. Save the date!

Band picture by James Lightner Media

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