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Just a few months after their well-received debut EP was released, Lamonta are back with four new songs on “Scant at Best”.

The first track “Avenue of Broken Dreams” is a mid-tempo banger with nostalgic themes and melodies. The guitars and vocals kick in hot before giving way to a spicy lead and a singable chorus.

The song came together pretty quickly. I wrote the verse on some unremarkable afternoon at home. I didn’t really have any intention of writing those first lines, they just sort of fit. I write a lot of lyrics in my head while I’m walking around and I always seem to live near train tracks so I guess it was on my mind.

The main guitar lead in the song is one of the very first “riffs” I ever wrote on guitar and I’ve been trying to work it into a song half my life. I brought it to the band at our next practice and that was that.” – Kyle Olson (guitar)

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