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Following up their 2019 single “The Everyday”, pop-punks Early Work are levelling up with a new EP, “Alpha”, set to be released on October 20th. The guys were kind enough to answer a couple of questions linked to this upcoming release. Check out the full interview below!
Early Work

Hello Early Work, thanks for your time. Would it be possible to introduce your band to our readers, as well as your roles in it?

We are an alt-pop-punk band from Kelowna, BC, Canada. We are a 4-piece: Mitch Corbach on drums, Cole Chilton on bass, Kurtis Janot on the widdly diddly riffs (lead guitar) and backups, and Easton Doran on vocals and rhythm guitar.

How would you describe, from your personal POV, the Canadian pop-punk scene?

Interestingly, I can only really speak for the Western half of Canada. I’m not sure if it’s divided since the gap between Winnipeg and Ottawa/Toronto is too vast, or if I just haven’t searched hard enough, or if playing pop-punk and emo is more of a Western thing. But it has been really cool to learn about different bands and subgenres that are in my proverbial backyard. Some of these bands are blowing up, involving major label deals and charting on Billboard. Others are just starting out, perhaps us included.

Either way, there is an incredible wealth of top-quality punk and hardcore music from Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Kelowna, Kamloops, etc. and a community that seems to have crossed Canada’s vast regional boundaries faster due to the connection we feel through music. For example, we have solid friendships with buddies in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, but we’ve never even been out there (yet). I think we usually all get along because we all know the “grind”, so to speak. Playing shows was the real catalyst for these relationships, but we have been able to maintain the good vibes online while we’re confined.

How did you spend your time during the quarantine? Did you find a way to stay in touch and keep on practicing or writing songs, even from home?

At the peak of the shutdowns, all we had was our group chat. This was obviously quite boring and sad, and we were very happy to get back into the studio, even on a one-by-one basis. After that initial shutdown, we kept recording these new tracks, which had just been started in the Winter. Even though we could not all hang out together in the studio, this made it so we had more to talk about in the group chat, rather than just “when can we tour again?” discussions.

You’ve recently released your new single, titled “Drink”. What’s the story behind this song?

It’s a pessimistic view on partying and an optimistic view on self-destruction. Weirdly, it was not inspired by drinking, per se. It was written loosely about a hike [Easton] went on that went bad. [He] ended up stuck on a mountain with cuts and scrapes. Thankfully that mountain is close to town, and a good samaritan on the other side of the hill offered a ride back to the car. The song is centered around the feeling of drinking beer and eating pizza after the treacherous hike.

Some of the lyrics, like much of the first verse, focus on a more episodic version of the event, while lines like “it feels good to be outside” harkon back sarcastically to the absurdity of the day. Some of the lyrics were initially about different issues altogether but fit nicely with the themes of this track. “Drink” is the oldest song we put on this EP (written roughly two years ago), and quite honestly, we did not think it was nearly as good as the other three. It took a few of our fellow musicians calling it their favourite for us to keep going with it.

Early Work - Drink Artwork

The single is accompanied by a music video. How was the shooting experience?

Haha! It was very fun. As you can probably imagine, it was a very simple concept: [Easton] ran behind a moving truck, driven by Cole, while Mitch threw stuff at [Easton] and [Easton’s] fiancé, Paisley, filmed from the truck bed. The funniest and worst part is we messed up the first two run-through’s, so most things happened three times in reality – including the dog licking Easton’s face, which involved some peanut-butter-related tactics. We even had to pick up the projectiles and re-throw them twice. After Kurt runs out of the shot, he expertly catches the acoustic guitar to save its life. It was a very fun shoot, and only took a couple hours. After all, we have DIY sensibilities.

“Drink” is taken from your upcoming EP, “Alpha”. What kind of songs can we expect on this release and how long have you worked on it?

The rest of the songs are a bit less “poppy” and chorus-forward. They are a bit more sporadic and have instrumental breaks and time signature changes. While “Drink” is possibly the most accessible to most listeners, we are in consensus that the other three tracks are more fun to play and to listen to. The mixes sound HUGE and are even more energizing and aggressive than “Drink”. “Let You Down” and “Fat Boy” are a little more minor/dark sounding and pretty riffy, while “Alive Enough” keeps it mostly light, but involves the most technical parts. We are extremely excited to see how our listeners will react to these other three songs, which continue our progression in sound and creativity.

Early Work - Alpha artwork

The last words are for you. If you have any other projects in the making or a message to convey, here’s your chance to talk about it!

This EP is our main focus right now. We really want to tour A LOT once we are allowed to again. We have everything pretty much planned for when that time comes and have even been in touch with local venues about playing as soon as they can have loud shows again. Also, we have several demos ready and are going to start what we call “pre-pre-production” with our producer in the next few weeks. And are hoping to record this Winter and keep the momentum going into late 2021 with the releases. And, the usual for your readers: follow us on IG/FB/Spotify/YouTube, and reach out if you’d like to buy some merch, and we can ship it! Thanks for reading and thanks for listening.

Thanks for your time!

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