Zygote - Banner Promo

Zygote re-release 1991 album, “A Wind of Knives”

American Thrills

American Thrills release “Regular Blokes” ahead of their EP!

Up Periscope

Up Periscope reveal hard-hitting single, “Every Autumn”

Hiding From Humans

Hiding From Humans talk about new single “Whinge”!

Mess Out

Punk rockers Mess Out unveil their debut EP “Wolves”

Three Cheers Too Late

Three Cheers Too Late drop new single, “Everything, Everyone”

Dynamic pop-punk quartet Octopus Montage is proud to reveal “Right Here With Me”, the latest installment of the band’s creative activity!

Octopus Montage

Written by Naylor, the song focuses on a long-distance relationship and the emotional effects that this can have on an individual. He comments: “It is somewhat fictional, but has elements of past experiences and points out the reality of some relationships.

The somber feeling throughout the track suggests that although not angry, the storyteller wishes that the mentioned in the song relationship could have continued however, admits of the difficulty of being with someone when they are not nearby “another city I just don’t vibe with”. Despite not being based fully on a true story, this single continues to prove that we aren’t afraid to speak about our opinions on tough subjects. And continues the narrative of our sticking it to the man approach.”

Band picture by @ellierobertsonphotography

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