Learn the story behind Ethafulm’s single, “Paint Buds”!

Air Drawn Dagger

Punks Air Drawn Dagger talk about their new double release!

Anytime Soon

Anytime Soon have a lot of plans scheduled for this new decade!


Indie punks Spillway unveil details on new single, “Autumn Leaves”!


Pop-punks Ashford unveil their debut single, “I’ll Be Fine”!

Oh! You Pretty Things

Oh! You Pretty Things reveal their debut EP, “N is for Nostalgia”!

Newcastle rockers No Time For Reason are back with another punchy new track. The three minute “Catfish” is a blast of punkish energy and pop hooks alongside garage-rock guitars and is available on download and streaming platforms now.

Catfish” is both a satire of millennial dating and a self-reflection on lyricist David Stoker’s personal experiences. With lines such as ‘Big talker, no excitement, red dress, false advertising’ exploring his take on 21st century romance, digital dating and late-night encounters.

With two singles under their belt and more to follow in 2020, No Time For Reason will be touring hard and hitting festivals next year.

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