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Winona Avenue have revealed their self-titled debut album!


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We’re back this week with a brand new interview, introducing you guys this time to the pop punk band My Cousin’s Girlfriend’s House. Learn more about the band’s new EP, “EMCEEGEEAYCH” below!

Hello My Cousin’s Girlfriend’s House! Hope you’re well. Would it be possible to introduce your band to our readers, as well as your roles in it?

For sure! As you mentioned, we are My Cousin’s Girlfriend’s House from Philadelphia, PA. Our band consists of Andrew Hight (guitar and vocals), Brian Quirk (bass and vocals) and Pete Long (guitar, drums, and vocals).

How would you globally describe the pop-punk scene in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania?

The pop-punk scene in Philadelphia continues to thrive. It really expands beyond Philly into the surrounding suburbs and beyond pop-punk into closely related genres. We have a lot of friends who are in bands in Delco, Montgomery County, Bucks County, and all the way out to the Lehigh Valley. They range anywhere from post-hardcore to indie/alternative rock. The pandemic put a halt to live shows but now that they’re starting to return, we’re stoked to hit the ground running with gigs!

You’ve recently revealed your EP, “EMCEEGEEAYCH”. How long have you worked on it and what’s the story behind the name?

We worked on “EMCEEGEEAYCH” for over a year. We actually had the songs ready to go and were recording our first single on the night that the country essentially shut down. That made it impossible to get to the studio for a few months and by the time we were able to wrap it up, we were pushing towards the one-year anniversary of recording that single.

The name of the EP is pretty comical. About one in every two people pronounce it correctly (which means half of the people taking a guess don’t get it right). Essentially, it’s spelling MCGH, which stands for My Cousin’s Girlfriend’s House. It’s either an artistic twist on the classic self-titled album or just a really confusing EP title!

Any funny stories to share from your recording or writing sessions?

When we were recording rough demos of the tracks, we would jam the songs full band and sing through a PA system. Before we started playing what would become our first single, Andrew randomly said “Let’s hear it for Harold”. No context. No reason. It just happened. It was the first thing you heard on the demo and we thought it flowed. If you go to stream the EP, you’ll notice that’s the actual name of the song and all other songs have similar names.

You worked with Pete Zen (Jet Jag, Hang Tight) on the recording, mixing and mastering of the EP. How was the collaboration?

Pete was incredible to work with, he brings a high-energy vibe to the recording process and genuinely invests in every artist that he produces. We came to the studio with thorough demos, so there wasn’t a ton of changing around to do, but he was super collaborative and offered his thoughts on small adjustments and re-arrangements that could make the songs even tighter.

It was a wildly time-consuming process. We recorded the single, then couldn’t come back for like 4 months. Then we all got COVID after one of our practices, right around when we were supposed to head back to the studio, so that pushed it back even further. Pete’s since moved into a new studio space and we’re stoked to head back to work with him for our new tunes!

Ahead of the release, you revealed a music video for your single “Welcome Home, William”. How was the shooting experience?

That was a blast! We self-produced all of the videos for this EP, and we wanted to do something different from the normal “band plays along with the song in a themed setting” video. Andrew is a big fan of cooking videos on YouTube, and suggested we create a spoof of those with ridiculous cocktails. It went pretty far, we drank and ate some disgusting concoctions. Will we ever do that again? Probably.

To finish, what is one lesson you’ve learned that you think is important to pass onto other bands?

We’re still a relatively fresh band, but we had to figure out how to hit the ground running without the ability to play shows. While shows are coming back, we think it’s important to remain creative when thinking of ways to share your tunes and spread your band. Pete was doing weekly covers on YouTube for a while and we like to make funny little videos for social media. We also have drum playthrough videos and a live acoustic session coming soon. It’s really just about finding different ways to create content, even if it isn’t always music-specific!

Thanks for your time!

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