Hero the Band

Hero The Band are back with their new EP “Back To Myself”!


Spielothek plan on releasing their debut EP real soon!

Till I Fall

Till I Fall talk about their latest single, “Addictive”!

Scooped Up!

Scooped Up! are revealing the story behind their single, “TV Dinner”!

Jackknife Eddie

Jackknife Eddie reveal their single and video for “Something New”!

Movin in Stereo

Movin in Stereo talk about their second EP, “New Blood” !

Punks Melted are back with a new single, titled “Bigger Maggots”. This song is the first single following their debut album “Thin Skin”.


On this release, Justin comments: “Bigger maggots is a reference to the song Little maggots by the matches. That song was about staying positive and trying to reach your goals before your body deteriorates.

This song is in direct opposition to that song, in which I explore the idea of failing to complete my dreams before my body starts to go. While singing of maggots who have grown bigger and burrowed deeper, I admit to the fact that I may not reach my dreams before the deterioration gets to me.”

Band picture by @m.haight

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