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It’s been a while since we’ve last interviewed a band. We’re back this week with a brand new written interview, introducing you guys this time to the Italian punk rock band, Flannel And Plaid. Learn more about the band’s debut album, as well as their upcoming plans for the year!

Flannel and Plaid

Hello Flannel and Plaid! Hope you’re well. Would it be possible to introduce your band to our readers, as well as your roles in it?

Hi WHTYB it is a pleasure. My name is Daniele Giavon and I am the Singer and guitar player for my band called Flannel And Plaid. We are an Italian Punk rock/Hardcore band from Udine, formed around 2012 and after many changes, we are continuously active since 2016. The current members are: myself, Domenico Tornambè on Drums and Percussions and Luca Michelli on bass guitars and backing vocals.

How would you describe the Italian punk / hardcore scene in general?

In general, I think there are so many good bands to discover in our country, unluckily, in our hometown, there are only a few associations and clubs that allow us and bands like us to play live events. But not everything is bad. For example, Venice is not far from here and there’s a well-known festival which is called “Venice Hardcore Festival” there, where you can find the best bands of our peninsula. Obviously, our goal is to be part of it once the pandemic is over!

You’ve dropped back in September 2020 your debut album, “We Are Patiently Waiting to Get Angry”. For those who haven’t heard it yet, what kind of songs can they expect?

We believe that each song we recorded is different from the other. Listeners won’t surely find the LP boring. Our songs have been inspired by several different bands and perhaps it is possible to hear here and there influences going from pop punk, punk rock, hardcore and cowpunk to easycore (MxPx, Blink 182, NOFX, Good Riddance, Lagwagon, Gorilla Biscuits, Tumbledown, Four Year Strong and more..).

How long have you worked on this album?

We started working on this album at the beginning of 2019, to be ready to record it during the first months of 2020. The pandemic delayed our plans, but we managed to complete the recordings by the summer.

Can we talk about the artwork of this album? Who designed it and what does it represent?

The initial idea was to name the album “Anger”, but with all that waiting, we decided to change the name into “We Are Patiently Waiting to Get Angry”. The title means that our anger has been put on pause by the pandemic, to be finally expressed though the power of our songs. For this reason, it seemed right for us to represent this anger through the picture, portraying a person armed with a baseball bat, waiting to return to play. The Artist who drew the artwork is the metalcore band INIRA singer EFIS‘ wife.

Flannel and Plaid - Artwork

I’m sure you are, like a lot of people, missing live shows. Do you already have some dates planned for 2021?

Unfortunately not, but we understand that the priority must go to health in this moment. We miss getting on stage terribly, but we’ll surely organize concerts to promote our album. It’s really a shame to have to wait so long to play it live!

Apart from live shows, what are your other plans for this year? An EP, maybe?

Since November, we haven’t been able to meet to rehearse regularly due to the pandemic rules imposed by our government. But from home, we are currently working on 3 songs. As you can see, we haven’t really stopped creating new music despite everything. With the guys, we talk everyday about new plans and goals!

To finish, what is one lesson you’ve learned that you think is important to pass onto other bands?

Don’t play just for fame or kick out band members just because one may be less talented. Surround yourself with friends who know how to wait and help you… I think it is really important to be unite and to motivate each other without leaving anyone behind. Our music would not exist if only one of us was a careerist. Thank you WHTYB for the interview, see you soon, ciao!

Thanks for your time!

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