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Established in April 2019 in the vibrant city of Newcastle Upon Tyne, Nomad Anthem are a three-piece rock outfit inspired by the 1990’s California punk rock scene.

Nomad Anthem.png

The band has recently unveiled a new single, titled “Heartstrings”. The latter is following the band’s high energy debut single “Endeavour”, released back in August 2019.

On this release, Doogy (Nomad Anthem Vocals and Guitar) comments:

Heartstrings is about having the frustration of not being able to pursue a passion and coming to terms with the resulting path you find yourself on.

In my own personal case, it’s about coming to terms with Tinnitus. I’ve played musical instruments since my early teens and due to the lack of respect for my ears, I’d never previously wore protection at shows or during rehearsals. A few years ago I was diagnosed with Tinnitus and for a period of time I was reluctant to perform or pick up my guitar or drum sticks through fear of making the problem with my ears worse.

I soon realised that this was a pretty depressing and dark road and that I needed to steer away from it. I came to the conclusion that, with the right protection and mind frame, music could always be a huge part of my life and that I needed to get back on the horse and get back to this endeavour and fueling the fire that drives me.”

Band picture by Lang Shot Photography

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