The Losing Score

The Losing Score drop their first song release since December 2018!


Sydney-based pop-punk quintet SoSo have returned with ‘(Shit) Love Story’!

Coffee Talk release their debut single, titled ‘Reflections’

Coffee Talk release their debut single, titled ‘Reflections’

Incase We Crash

Pop-punks Incase We Crash are ready to reveal their new EP!

Back on Earth

Back on Earth reveal their new release, “Until Tonight”

MPM Producer

MPM Producer is back with another single, “Lives on Air”

Never Home is a pop-rock band from Charlotte, North Carolina. The band consists of Nick Klock (vocals), Devon Stone (guitar), Adam Jones (guitar) and Rob Hendley (drums).

Never Home.png

Landslide” is the band’s first single since their 2018 self-titled EP. For this new release, the band was heavily influenced by bands such as Anberlin, The Dangerous Summer, and Jimmy Eat World.

On “Landslide”, vocalist Nick Klock comments:

This song is about how those you love can keep you grounded in your darkest times. After my fiancee nearly died in the back of an ambulance from a then-undiagnosed heart condition, I began to suffer from frequent panic attacks.

I experienced the first one I have ever had on the drive to her house. Hence the line, “it hit me on a long drive, everything at once, I struggled just to find my breath”.

Even after she recovered, I continued to struggle with this newfound anxiety. I nearly lost my entire world and the memory of it continued to eat at me. She kept me going on days when it felt overwhelming. That is what this song is about.

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