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Separating Neo Relic from the multitude of bands that identify under the heavy music blanket is their ability to engage listeners who are not otherwise fans of metal genres.

Their latest single “Bright Eyes” hits hard with its enthralling presence.

“Bright Eyes” represents the unique foundations of the music they’ve built themselves upon. The contemporary lyrical structure and enthralling vocal sensibility, with a blend of progressive riffs and melodies, flow seamlessly into a compositional piece that encourages the essence of a remarkably different approach to a progressive sound.

I think it’s important that we aim to think less dogmatically about what genres separate us from the opportunities we take. We have worked toward establishing a sound that is representative of our musical influences. With this track, we intend to branch out, highlighting our diversity in our songwriting capabilities.” – Deanna Curulli (Vocalist)

With their enchanting new single, “Bright Eyes”, recorded at Tender Trap Studios, the track showcases the band’s prowess as songwriters, giving light to an increasingly alternative and cuttingly modern sound through memorable chorus hooks and guitar and vocal melodies. .

Band picture by Sarah Fahey

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