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Ethafulm is the music act of Long Island song artist Patrick Wynne. Ethafulm’s music is not bound to any mood or marketing term. It is bound only to authenticity and the truth of what’s in and outside of songwriter Patrick Wynne’s mind.

On his new single, “Paint Buds”, Patrick Wynne (Ethafulm) comments: “The song is about a girl who I fell in love with when I was 15 but never got to go out with. I was trying to write something as beautiful as I saw her. I knew I wouldn’t succeed and I am ok with that. The first time I tried talking to her i was already in love.

She said “are you serious?” to me and it messed me up. I remember catching myself picking bumps in the paint off the school walls one time thinking of her. The words and melody “Picking paint buds off the walls like they’re the last words that she said” came to my head. That was the seed from which this whole song sprouted.

He continues: “I used to say I would burn in the sun for an hour without dying to have her. I made a lyric with that statement in another song about her which will be the last song on my upcoming album. There were a few times I thought I was over her but I’d have a dream about her and the feeling would be fresh and strong. That gave me the lyrics “this love never dies, It only sleeps until I dream.”

I actually started taking more care of my appearance and tried getting right with God to help my chances, something that stuck with me even after the failed chase. I’ve always been a tough non-conformist, I never liked following trends, I never gave into peer pressure and because of this, I never smoked anything in my life. Despite this, I would’ve changed myself for this girl.

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