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Walking Rumor is a band who writes music that is honest, and their single “Expectations” is no different.

Walking Rumor

Expectations” is a title that gives a song a powerful context. It provides the hard truth of what it means growing up in the eye of someone else, or perhaps the feeling given to the creative artist on the rise. It’s about the struggle one goes through in terms of sticking out from the crowd, the hard work and dedication that is expected from individuals who tries to accomplish their goals.

Expectations was born through a variety of ideas that made the song a little more chaotic then first intended. However, the chaotic sound perfectly represents the feeling of frustration that the song is trying to target.” – Anders Mørch (Vocals)

The song was recorded at LAK Studios in Denmark, produced by Claudio Andersen, mixed/mastered by Chris Kreutzfeldt and released through Walking Rumor Records.

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