Alt-Rock band PALMIST unveils their latest single “Without Her”!

Rockers Faster on Fire have recently unveiled a new single, titled “Can't Stop Starting”.

Rockers Faster on Fire are back with single “Can’t Stop Starting”!


Punks FRND CRCL are back with new single, “Famous”!


ENDS. unveil their debut single, titled “horrorscope.”!

Hero the Band

Hero The Band are back with their new EP “Back To Myself”!


Spielothek plan on releasing their debut EP real soon!

Based out of Franklin, TN, Air Ralley is comprised of Kevin Campbell and Rocco Bisagno.

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With high energy performances and thought provoking lyrics, Air Ralley brings their punk rock roots and blends it with indie rock vibes. Taking their name from fond childhood memories Air Ralley blends the heavy and the hopeful together in one solid package.

The band has recently unveiled a new single, titled “Plans”. The latter is indeed available to stream below for those who haven’t heard it yet!

On this release, the band reveals:

Our song Plans is about breaking up with your loved one and trying to figure out how to pick up the pieces. What do you do with the intimate knowledge you have about them? Where do you go when the rug is pulled out from underneath your feet and all the plans you thought you had have disappeared.”

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