Back on Earth

Back on Earth reveal their new release, “Until Tonight”

MPM Producer

MPM Producer is back with another single, “Lives on Air”

Livingston: the UK rockers unveil their new single, “Show Me the Money”

UK rockers Livingston unveil new single, “Show Me the Money”

Krod Records

Krod Records release their charity compilation!

Sean Nolan and The Heartmakers release their new record!

Sean Nolan and The Heartmakers release their new record!

Crash Overcast

Crash Overcast unveil their debut album, “When All The World’s Asleep”

For Krod Records‘ 5th anniversary, they’ve deciced to release a charity compilation with 9 covers from their own artists. All benefits from tape sales, streaming and downloads will be donated to Solidarity Not Silence.

Krod Records

Not many people know this story, but Jordan (KROD Records’ founder) and I started working together years ago.

I think I will always remember Krod Records’ second anniversary in Toulouse. I took a freaking flight from Strasbourg to Toulouse and planned a small vacay in the South of France to spend some time with my family as well. I spent 3 days near Toulouse with my uncle and Jordan was supposed to pick me up on a parking near the highway to go to Krod’s birthday. Jordan being Jordan, took the wrong direction and ended up being more than an hour late. Do you know how long it is to wait on a parking, when it’s freaking hot? I’m pretty sure everyone was wondering what I was doing there with my suitcase! haha

Anyway, we ended up going to KROD’s birthday on a boat (which was really cool by the way) and I got the opportunity to meet a lot of cool people & bands (Trash Boat, Tiny Moving Parts, Skull Soda, Daylight…). After the show, we were like 15 people crashing Jordan’s appartment and Loic, his friend & designer, volunteered to bring me to the train station at 5.30 AM so I could go to Montpellier to spend 3 days with another part of my family. I think I’ll always remember the whole train ride where I was wondering WHY I got a ticket so early.

Apart from this crazy birthday trip, Jordan gave me the opportunity to work on really cool campaigns, with bands such as Hightower, Colour Me Wednesday or The Deadnotes. Of all the labels in the world, I think the one I have the most merch from is KROD Records. Even though we’re working less together at the moment, I try to continue to support the initiatives and releases of the label. This is why I invite you, if this cause interests or affects you, to participate in the charity compilation. All info are HERE!

The tape is available on a 100 limited edition on a turquoise color. A booklet is also included in the physical and digital versions, with an introduction of the label and its artists (and you can also see me twice in there :p)

Thanks in advance for your support!

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