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Just in time for summer, Final Greetings’ new single, “By My Side”, is a pop rock track that shares the message to hold tight to love no matter what happens.

Final Greetings

On this brand new song, vocalist Alissa Larsen comments: “When the guys started writing the music of “By My Side,” I knew I wanted to write a love song. Throughout the process, I drew on conversations that Garrett, my husband and our drummer and I had at the beginning of our relationship about choosing to focus on the good in our relationship. We were terrified to be together at the beginning, but no matter how hard we tried we couldn’t escape each other.

As the song progressed and we were faced with a chorus re-write, I really struggled with what to pen. Garrett suggested we look at our wedding vows again. Out of those came the new lines: “Don’t let the past define us. Hope in our future because I’m for you…”. We promised no matter what our past held, all our old hurts from before and after we were together, we would always hope for what’s to come and to remain by each others’ side.

The band’s new single “By My Side” is available since July 3rd 2020 on major streaming platforms. Enjoy!

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