The Losing Score

The Losing Score drop their first song release since December 2018!


Sydney-based pop-punk quintet SoSo have returned with ‘(Shit) Love Story’!

Coffee Talk release their debut single, titled ‘Reflections’

Coffee Talk release their debut single, titled ‘Reflections’

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Pop-punks Incase We Crash are ready to reveal their new EP!

Back on Earth

Back on Earth reveal their new release, “Until Tonight”

MPM Producer

MPM Producer is back with another single, “Lives on Air”

I’ve always been “close” to the Italian pop-punk scene and I’m really happy to introduce you guys to As We Are. The guys have recently unveiled a single titled “Sorry”, and are now here to talk about it in our new interview. Check it out below!

Hello, As We Are! Thanks for taking time to answer a couple of questions for us. Would you mind introducing your band to our readers?

Hi Valentine! It is a pleasure for us to answer your questions!

Our band is called As We Are, we play Pop / Punk and we are located in Venice (IT), we formed in February 2019. Our sound resumes the most popular bands of the genre (Sum 41, Blink 182 etc.) but with a more modern touch hinting at post hardcore. We have just signed with a label called “Pan Music Production” managed by “Fabrizio pan”, singer of the very active “Melody fall” band in the Italian pop / punk scene.

We are young, hopeful and with a great desire to grow and play everywhere!

How would you describe the Italian pop-punk scene?

Unfortunately, in Italy, punk rock / pop punk had its moment of glory at the beginning of the 2000s and slowly disappeared from TV and festivals. Given this, we are among the few who still carry this genre forward. Fortunately, there are many fans who support us by coming to concerts and buying our merch.

Between bands, there is a support that is more unique than rare. The scene is very united, and we support each other. Especially for those who, like us, sing in English and can hardly emerge. Let’s say we are a big family and we all value each other very much.

You’ve just released your new single, titled “Sorry”. Would you mind introducing this song to our readers?

Of course! Our song is dedicated to all the people who don’t stop at nothing and never give up, despite the sorrows and despite the hard moments. Everyone has a personal challenge, a goal to reach in order to be comfortable with themselves.

It’s what we want to express and we think we made it very well in the official video, where there are so many people trying to take us away while we’re playing. And they succeed! But in the end, we start playing again.

Instrumentally speaking, it is the song with the most explosive dynamic of the album, which recalls the easycore and punk rock of the past. In the bridge of the song, there is also the featuring with “Melody Fall”.

This single comes along with a music video. How was the shooting experience?

The experience was truly instructive, it was the first time we had a location, extras, a video maker and set lights! It was difficult to manage everything together but we succeeded and we look forward to making even more elaborate video clips!

Do you currently have any other projects in the making?

Soon, our album and the second single with video clip will be released. We have also prepared covers to be published after all the releases.

The project we are aiming at now is to play as much as possible (in Italy and beyond) to better promote our album in which we believe with all of ourselves.

The last words are for you. If you have a message to convey, here’s your chance!

Then I take this opportunity! We invite you all to follow us and to browse through our social profiles: Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and maybe one day, we will go through your city to play! We would like to thank Valentine with all the heart, who gave us the opportunity to do this interview and “What Happened to your Band” <3 See you around!

Musically, What Happened to your Band?