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Introducing the DIY punk label, TNSrecords!

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Horn & Hoof Records

Introducing the DIY punk label, Horn & Hoof Records!

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Introducing the DIY punk label, Jetsam-Flotsam!

With the current situation being complicated for the music industry, it was an opportunity for me to highlight some DIY punk labels around the world. Here’s the UK punk label Horn & Hoof Records, managed by Scott and Ed.

Horn & Hoof Records

Picture: Jerod McBrayer

Could you please introduce yourself and present your record label to our readers?

Hello there, I’m Scott and I’m the founder of the Manchester DIY Punk label: Horn & Hoof Records.

What made you concretely get into the music industry and how did you start this label?

The story of how we got started is the same as many other punk labels, to release my own band’s music. We were a relatively new punk band called Glue Ear and no one was going to want to do anything with us, so aside from making CD’s and selling them at gigs, we weren’t going to be heard. So, I founded Horn & Hoof as a way to digitally distribute our music, then, I started doing the same for friends’ bands and it all grew from there.

With a worldwide pandemic going on, how have you handled the management of your label over the past few months?

The only thing that has really changed with the label is the fact that we haven’t been able to put on any gigs. As we’re a small 2-man team (myself and co-owner Ed) all merch is stored and shipped from my house so luckily, we haven’t had to cope with stock access and relocating staff.

How does a label develop its roster? Do bands approach you directly or is it rather the other way around?

A bit of both, we get lots of emails from bands, we will have a listen and if we’ve the budget we will work with them. We have releases form lots of bands that aren’t officially on our roster, but we also keep an eye on the local scene and if there’s a band we want to work with, we will approach them and start talks.

Has the pandemic strongly affected the production of your merchandising and the pressing of CDs / vinyls / tapes of your bands?

Thankfully, we’ve had a few bands who are able to record, mix and master their own music to a good standard, which has meant we’ve been able to keep putting out good music throughout.

If you had to choose between a vinyl, a tape or a CD, which one would you personally pick and why?

Vinyl without question! First off, the packaging and the product is bigger so you get a good amount of product for your money and then you can really sit and examine the artwork. Plus, the fact you can get vinyl in all different shapes and colours just makes it so much cooler in my opinion!

Out of all the experiences you had with your label, has there been one that has stood out to you?

Probably the first time I was asked by an overseas if they can play for us on their European tour. It was a moment I realize that Horn & Hoof records reach extended beyond the shores of the UK.

To finish, what is one lesson you’ve learned that you think is important to pass onto other label managers?

Only work with bands you know and trust if you’re going to be the only one dealing with their music, if you don’t know them, then get it in writing.

Thanks for your time!

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