Anytime Soon

Anytime Soon have a lot of plans scheduled for this new decade!


Indie punks Spillway unveil details on new single, “Autumn Leaves”!


Pop-punks Ashford unveil their debut single, “I’ll Be Fine”!

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The August Guns (punk rockers from Des Moines, IA, United States)

Punk rockers The August Guns talk about their new EP, titled “Born Into Noise”!

Beginning as a solo project in 2007, Infinite Signal wasn’t fully formed until 2012 when Eli took the project to Minneapolis, MN to seek out like-minded musicians.

After picking up Kelly Kent on bass guitar and former drummer Frank Vidmar, Infinite Signal recorded Hey Kid (EP – 2013) and followed up with their debut full length album Nox Opus (2014). Together they played dozens of shows around the US and Canada.

In 2015 they moved across the country to Orange County, CA and In 2016 went through a lineup change picking up new drummer and long-time friend, Drew Nelson. In 2018, Infinite Signal finally moved to San Diego, CA to continue working on new music. The guys are in the process of releasing their upcoming EP, Love Me Not, available on January 31st 2020.

In the meantime, the band has revealed a single titled “Wolfsbane”. On this release, the guys comment: “Wolfsbane is a song about toxic relationships and dealing with the people and fallout as they evolve over our lives. Some relationships are bound by blood and you can only escape to a certain extent, but there’s always a connection you won’t be able to shake.”

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