These songs helped me get through this endless pandemic!

Stand Up Stacy

German rockers Stand Up Stacy reveal “The Best Of Me”

Van Full of Nuns

Van Full of Nuns reveal their music video for “Unbound”

Burning Nickels

Burning Nickels reveal their 5-song EP!

Moldy Roses

Video premiere: Pop-punks Moldy Roses reveal their new single, “Millennial Falcons”!

Magnolia Park

Magnolia Park reveal their new single, “Love Me”, featuring Kellin Quinn!

For those who didn’t know them, Cinema Stare is a pop-punk band hailing from Connecticut, with strong elements of post-hardcore and indie rock.

Cinema Stare

Hum and the Glow” is the title track off of the Connecticut band Cinema Stare’s debut LP, produced by Chris Teti (The World Is…, Fiddlehead, Hostage Calm).

On this release, Tom comments: “The song was inspired by entering my 20s and feeling like all the musicians I looked up to had already “made it big” when they were younger than me. It’s about feeling like it’s time to give up the dream of becoming a touring musician and living a “normal” life.

Band picture by Lea Ci

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