These songs helped me get through this endless pandemic!

Stand Up Stacy

German rockers Stand Up Stacy reveal “The Best Of Me”

Van Full of Nuns

Van Full of Nuns reveal their music video for “Unbound”

Burning Nickels

Burning Nickels reveal their 5-song EP!

Moldy Roses

Video premiere: Pop-punks Moldy Roses reveal their new single, “Millennial Falcons”!

Magnolia Park

Magnolia Park reveal their new single, “Love Me”, featuring Kellin Quinn!

Las Vegas based pop-punks High Sierra Club have released their new single “I Know You Hate it Alone”. For the entire first week of release (Oct. 2nd – Oct. 9th), the band will use 100% of the proceeds from Bandcamp downloads to buy supplies for Shade Tree of Las Vegas.

High Sierra Club

About “I Know You Hate it Alone”: “I Know You Hate it Alone” focuses on the realization of a toxic and distrustful relationship, revealing the signs noticed by a skeptical partner as they observe actions and words not matching up.” – High Sierra Club

About Shade Tree: The Shade Tree Organization provides safe shelter to homeless and abused women & children in crisis. Per their website, Shade Tree believes “That homelessness is a community problem that impacts everyone,” and that “everyone can be a part of the solution”.

If you guys want to help, please head over to the band’s Bandcamp page to donate. All you’ve have to do is to name your price to download “I Know You Hate it Alone”. Thanks in advance for your help!

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