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Canadian pop-punks Hiding From Humans have recently released a single, titled “Whinge”, along with a music video available to watch below.

Hiding From Humans

This song is taken from the band’s new EP, “Radio”, available on major streaming platforms since November 13th. Talking about new single “Whinge” and shooting the music video, the band comments:

Whinge was primarily written in Curtis’ basement, at a place he used to live. The lyrics and writing style are actually a combination of both of us. When he first played that riff I knew we had to make it a catchy song. Naturally, as evident in the song, we take most of our inspiration from 90s-00s pop punk like Blink 182 and Motion City Soundtrack.”

They continue: “Shooting the video was super fun, and the film crew were great to work with. We spent most of the day laughing and messing around. Unsure of exactly what the final product was going to be at the time, we are all more than happy with the way it turned out.”

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