These songs helped me get through this endless pandemic!

Stand Up Stacy

German rockers Stand Up Stacy reveal “The Best Of Me”

Van Full of Nuns

Van Full of Nuns reveal their music video for “Unbound”

Burning Nickels

Burning Nickels reveal their 5-song EP!

Moldy Roses

Video premiere: Pop-punks Moldy Roses reveal their new single, “Millennial Falcons”!

Magnolia Park

Magnolia Park reveal their new single, “Love Me”, featuring Kellin Quinn!

German pop-punks Grandma’s Boys are back with a brand new single, titled “Growing Needs and Dying Lights”. The latter comes along with a music video available to watch below!

Grandma's Boys

Their music combines powerful guitars, hard hitting drums followed by energetic vocals which finally results in their own interpretation of pop-punk.

On their new single, the band comments: “Growing Needs and Dying Lights contains social criticism about the destiny of many refugees who try to make their way through the Mediterranean.

It’s about a trafficker who makes profit from the refugees’ fate and is responsible for the death of hundreds of people. The person is suffering from self-doubt and gets haunted by the consequences of his decisions.

It’s not about good and evil it’s about decisions of a wrong incentive and where it can lead to.

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