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I’m back today with a brand new interview, introducing you guys this time to the German punk rockers Stand Up Stacy. Learn more about their new single “Something to Believe” as well as their upcoming plans for 2020!

Picture by Christiane Böckel

Hello, Stand up Stacy! Thanks for taking time to answer a couple of questions for us. Would you mind introducing your band to our readers?
With pleasure! We are four handsome guys dressed in white shirts and braces around our neck, playing punk rock / alternative rock. We’ve been around since 2016 and are about to release our first full album “The Magnificent You” in Spring 2020.

How would you describe the German punk scene from a global POV?
It’s definitely crazy times in Germany those days, as a new trend emerged over the last couple of years where so many well-established rock bands from Germany start switching from singing in English to German. They start to choose their native tongue to express what they have to say and focus on the German music market, and it seems to work out quite well for many of them. One good example are the Donots, who got global attention with songs like “Stop The Clocks”.

It’s cool to see that they get positive feedback and it works out this way. But you can say that there doesn’t seem to be another Rammstein, where fans all over the world are interested in their German lyrics and songs. We decided to keep it “international” and think that you’d miss that typical american college punk feeling we’re trying to achieve in some of our songs.

You’ve recently unveiled your new single “Something to Believe”. How was your writing process for this song?
The writing process for Something To Believe really was mind-blowing, as we didn’t know that our band could sound like that as the song became bigger and bigger. There’s so much going on and the tune emerges from a dance-rhythm in the verses to a singalong chorus on to a really big finale.

As soon as it was done and recorded, we sat there and thought “Wow, can’t believe we created this monster”. And the lyrics and message behind the track really mean a lot to us. So it was a no-brainer to pick the song as our first single for the album.

This song is from your debut full length, “The Magnificent You”, set to be out in spring 2020. Can we talk about this upcoming release?
Hell yeah, let’s do this! So, “The Magnificent You” is our biggest project to date and we are really proud of what it has become. We can tell that the album itself is already finished, so we listen to it over and over again. And are very proud of the variety of sounds we were able to put on that record.

We got anthemic punk rock hymns on it, there are quiet and thoughtful tracks. And some with raging and aggressive tracks with screams and pure mayhem. It all fits together quite well, and we evolved our sound in so many ways, that we’re so f*cking excited to release our stuff and hit the road and play those tracks at our gigs. Cause they got so much energy and are built for perfoming them in front of a passionate and dancing crowd.

How long have you worked on this album?
From start to finish it must have been almost two years. We really wanted to do it right on this one, so we even re-developed or kicked whole tracks, lyrics and so on. As soon as something didn’t transport the feeling we wanted to achieve or it didn’t fit to the rest of the songs, we started from scratch.

We were really aware that there’s this one chance to deliver the best you can when you decide to start working on your first album. And that it sets the basement for your band and what you will become in the next couple of years.

And as you can hear in the single “Something To Believe”, there are so many layers of sounds and backing vocals, where we really went ahead of ourselves and put so many sounds into the song, that it would sound big but still not too over-produced. And that takes time, too, of course.

Do you plan on releasing another single before the album’s release date?
Oh yes! So people who want to have more should check us out on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. The singles we picked will give you a good impression of the diversity of our album. There will be a stripped-down song called “Homecoming”, where we didn’t include drums and got some string arrangements that give a really epic mood to the track. It has a very touching melody and lyrics.

Another one, “Tell Me It’s Alright”, will be one of the loudest tracks on the record, with a screaming part from our singer towards the end of the song. That one is a favorite from all of us, and we’re looking forward to let people listen to it.

The last words are for you. If you have a message to convey, here’s your chance!
We thank you so very much for those cool questions and spending some time with us! And to everyone who landed on those lines: a big thank you for your interest in what we got to say. As soon as our album drops, feel free to reach out to us via direct message on Instagram, Facebook or wherever you want. We loooove to be in contact with you and would be excited to hear what you think about the stuff we’re doing!

Huge thanks for your time!

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