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Introducing the DIY punk label, TNSrecords!

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Get to know the emo 4-piece band, Martyr for Madison!

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Introducing the DIY punk label, Jetsam-Flotsam!

Tom, from the emo 4-piece band Martyr for Madison, took some time to answer a couple of questions for us. Learn more about their new single, “Heliocentric”, in our new interview!

Martyr for Madison

Band picture: JRK Media

Hello Martyr for Madison! Hope you’re well. Would it be possible to introduce your band to our readers, as well as your roles in it?

Hey what’s up WHTYB and readers!? We are a 4-piece band from Grand Rapids MI called Martyr for Madison and we are here to offer you some high-quality emo music. First off, we have AC (Drum Show) Grimes laying down those phat beats on the drums. He absolutely hates it when we call him that and even more so when I use ph instead of f. Next up, we have Ryan (for the first 8 months I was in the band I thought your name Bryan) Rhodes! He likes to Slap that bass harder than I used to slap bags of Franzia Red Wine. I’m a recovering addict…

Anyways the third member of our band is Nate (Band Dad) Proctor! He plays the guitar and tells us all what to do. He can be a real dick but at the end of the day, he’s a good guy and the driving force behind getting shit done. Lastly, we have the member currently writing to you all. I’m Tom (baby dick) Soupal and I do vocals. I don’t actually have a Mikro but I gave the other guys unfair nicknames and they can’t defend themselves so I’ll just toss that out there.

How would you globally describe the emo scene in Michigan?

I would describe Grand Rapids as a necromancer bringing back emo from the dead! We have proudly held our roots in emo since our formation but are excited to see it becoming more mainstream in music and to see new bands forming. Probably the most notable example of what I would expect to be a major emo revival in GR would be the reopening/comeback of a venue called Skelletones after nearly a decade of being closed. Those of us who grew up going to shows there are super stoked to revisit them at the same location when they open their doors soon! Another smaller one looking to reopen is The Daac which is a DIY venue that seems to keep getting new life blown into it. Both should be cool intimate spaces to cultivate some new sounds!

You’ve recently revealed a new single, titled “Heliocentric”. What’s the story behind this song?

“Heliocentric” is a song I wrote about a childhood friend who grew up to be a compulsive liar and a true blue sociopath. The song highlights a few specific narcissistic personality traits while giving a few blanket ones as well that I thought others could relate to. It also seeks to explore our current hot take culture and the destruction of relationships because of it. Knowing where to draw your lines in the sand.

Martyr for Madison - Single artwork

Any funny stories to share from your recording or writing sessions?

Hmmm. Everything feels like a “you had to be there” type situation but it was quite comical when in traditional band dad form, Nate tweaked his back and couldn’t bend down to get the beers he had brought from his cooler. Looking back, we should have just hooked him up to an IV or something. Set him up with one of those cool beer hats that you always see on tv at sporting events but never see in real life.

The single was released along with a music video. Would you mind describing the video shooting experience?

Sure! We have a really good working relationship with our director/videographer Nick Frollo, so video shoots are a ton of fun! He makes things really easy and doesn’t even make me go full nude! In fact, you can go see some of the behind-the-scenes footage for Heliocentric on our YouTube page. We should have more of it as the other songs come out as well but yeah, he’s a great dude who makes us look good and has done almost all of our videos since we started so we are happy to continue working with him. This video was particularly fun because it was a dark set and sorta SpOoKy. Our faces are blurred and often hard to make out like a sociopath with no real identity.

I’m sure you are, like a lot of people, missing live shows. Do you already have some dates planned for 2021/2022?

After this quarantine, we are geeked to be returning to the stage!! We have a couple dates planned for the fall but are currently adding dates now as venues become available for summertime. Our Summer set is locked down tight and we are looking forward to playing for everyone again!

To finish, what is one lesson you’ve learned that you think is important to pass onto other bands?

I’d say get into crypto or something. Give up the guitar and learn a Tik Tok dance or make an “only fans” account cause rock is DEADDDD. Jk! At the end of the day, the best advice I can give to other bands is to set goals and determine what success means to you. Celebrate the little wins along the way. We are by no means a commercially successful band yet, but I think we all consider this project a major success as it allows us to express ourselves to the fullest extent and make music that we think is rad. These guys truly are my best friends and anytime we get the chance to share our music with a new group of people, we see that as a win so thanks so much for taking the time to share us with your audience.

Thanks for your time!

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