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Shades McCool was created as an outlet for bandleader Tony Gidlund to combine his interests (comedy, punk, progressive rock) into a freewheeling collage.

Shades McCool.png

We’re today introducing you guys to the band’s single “Little Voice (You Gotta Go)”, taken from their debut album. On this release, Tony comments:

I wrote Little Voice after having several infuriating moviegoing experiences in a row. I kept sitting near people who would be chatting with each other throughout the whole movie. I’m not a confrontational person and I don’t want to have to tell another adult to behave when I’m just trying to enjoy Eastern Promises starring Viggo Mortensen.

When I went to see Watchmen there was a guy in the front row who got so angry at the dude behind him that he turned around, grabbed the dude’s neck, and screamed “SHUT UP AND STOP KICKING MY SEAT!” Then he sat down and the two of them finished watching the movie. That angry man was probably the biggest inspiration for the song and I think about him often.

I get so annoyed with people who actually talk to the characters onscreen. But I feel like their minds are damaged beyond repair so confrontation would only serve to piss me off more. My most recent “Little Voice” moment was next to a drunk woman who kept trying to initiate “romantic time” with her uninterested date during the film Hereditary.”

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