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German emo rockers, Great Escapes, will release their brand new album, “Okay”, on March 19th via Midsummer Records.

Great Escapes

The guys recorded the ten new tracks together with Bastian Hartmann and Lukas Kroll at Rad Room Rehearsals in Iserlohn, just like their EP “Shivers and Shipwrecks”, released back in 2018.

The songs elaborate on the mix of emo-punk, post-punk and alternative rock, that the band explored on their EP. It’s a sound that’s clearly educated by idols like Samiam, The Get Up Kids or Jawbreaker, but the band keeps on developing it.

While waiting for their album to be out, the guys have dropped a music video for single “Ashes”. The latter is available to watch below for those who might have missed it!

About the band: Great Escapes are active since 2014. They released their debut album “To My Ruin I’ll Go Gladly” in 2015, the EP “Shivers and Shipwrecks” came out in 2018. The band toured across Germany and played shows with bands like Nothington, Idle Class or Apologies, I Have None. “Okay” will be released on March 19th 2021 via Midsummer Records. Save the date!

Band picture: Nico Ackermeier

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