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For those who didn’t know them, pop-punks First And Forever formed in Scottsdale, Arizona, in the summer of 2017.

First And Forever

After the release of their debut single, “Chicago”, the guys are now back with a brand new song, titled “One More Time”. On this release, the band comments:

One More Time is a song about a place that everyone finds themselves in at one point or another. It’s about being in a situation (it could be a relationship, a job, etc.) that you need to be in, but is slowly killing you at the same time. One of the lines in the song that best expresses this sentiment is: “your hands around my throat keep my head on anyway.” The funny/morbid idea here is if whatever is choking you to death releases you, your head would fall off. So, you find yourself in this toxic situation with no way out.” – Marcus Leopard (Guitarist)

Check out the lyric video for “One More Time” below. Enjoy!

Band picture by @meganpicturetaker

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