The Losing Score

The Losing Score drop their first song release since December 2018!


Sydney-based pop-punk quintet SoSo have returned with ‘(Shit) Love Story’!

Coffee Talk release their debut single, titled ‘Reflections’

Coffee Talk release their debut single, titled ‘Reflections’

Incase We Crash

Pop-punks Incase We Crash are ready to reveal their new EP!

Back on Earth

Back on Earth reveal their new release, “Until Tonight”

MPM Producer

MPM Producer is back with another single, “Lives on Air”

Middle College is an emo band from San Jose, CA, featuring members of Ogikubo Station, Long Knives, Kitty Kat Fan Club, and Ordinary Neighbors.

On their new single, “Jinxed”, the band comments: “This song is about the sometimes unpleasant ways that we deal with clinical depression, especially in a romantic relationship. Jinxed is about letting trauma define you, blaming those you love, and searching for resolution.”


Musically, What Happened to your Band?