The Losing Score

The Losing Score drop their first song release since December 2018!


Sydney-based pop-punk quintet SoSo have returned with ‘(Shit) Love Story’!

Coffee Talk release their debut single, titled ‘Reflections’

Coffee Talk release their debut single, titled ‘Reflections’

Incase We Crash

Pop-punks Incase We Crash are ready to reveal their new EP!

Back on Earth

Back on Earth reveal their new release, “Until Tonight”

MPM Producer

MPM Producer is back with another single, “Lives on Air”

Down For Tomorrow have returned with their single ‘Show Me That You Care’!

Following on from releasing their sophomore EP ‘Thanks To You’ in June, Sydney-based grunge-punk quartet Down For Tomorrow have returned with their wholehearted new single ‘Show Me That You Care’.

Show Me That You Care’ opens with assertive drums and blazing guitars. Before quickly bursting into an immense assault of energetic and gritty grunge rock, guided by the angst induced melodies of frontman Cody Stebbings. The track serves up an earnest confession, delving into the consequences of emotional characteristics.

Stebbings talks about the influence behind ‘Show Me That You Care’:

The lyrics from this song expose the selfish and stubborn traits in my personality. It’s hard to explain the feelings of withholding and denial that surface when I realise that some people really are better off without me. Especially when the situation is in deep uncertainty, due to lack of communication on both ends. Will they walk back into your life? Will they stay at arm’s length? Will they forget about you entirely?. This song is about the emotions and confusion we sometimes feel, eliminating any chance of acting rationally, knowing someone you thought cared about you has well and truly moved on.

Since their inception, Down For Tomorrow have continually traversed the east coast of Australia, playing house parties, bars and all ages events. Over the last year they have supported other heavyweight Australian bands such as Dear Seattle, Dead Letter Circus, RedHook, The Dead Love and Yours Truly.

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