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Pop-punks Dial Drive have announced the release of their new EP “Broken Down”, which will be available on October 16th. It is a full production acoustic release, making this different from what the band has done in the past.

Dial Drive

We wanted to get another release out there soon”, says Jake LeDrew (guitar/vocals). “Broken Down is definitely a new style for us. The lyricism of this EP is pretty heavy, which I know is kind of our thing already, but I feel like that’ll be extra complimented by the instrumentals we have going on. We’re currently writing a new full length, but we had this set of five songs that we knew would work best as their own thing. I’ve never recorded acoustic before, so it was a cool new challenge.

The band decided to work once again with their producer Brooks Paschal for this release. He also produced their debut full length “Wasted Time” which came out in 2018 through A Jam Records. “Working with Brooks again was awesome. It was a little weird to have to do it remotely, but he got the job done. It’s great having someone on the same page as the band when it comes to producing. The guy is seriously like a magician. At this point I don’t see why we’d ever work with someone else.

As for the title, the band said there’s some extra meaning behind it. “Broken Down is a little bit of a play on words I guess. The term ‘Broken Down’ is referenced a lot through the EP. It’s both a reference to the ultimate feeling of defeat, and that this is an acoustic EP. This is going to be a different sound from Dial Drive, but I think people are really going to dig it.”

Broken Down” will be available everywhere on October 16th 2020. Save the date!

Dial Drive - Artwork

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