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Winona Avenue have recently revealed their self-titled debut album

Winona Avenue have revealed their self-titled debut album!


Cotter enlists members of Beartooth and Starset for “Keep Driving”

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Introducing the DIY punk label, TNSrecords!

Introducing the DIY punk label, TNSrecords!

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Martyr for Madison

Get to know the emo 4-piece band, Martyr for Madison!

Pop-punks Cotter have dropped their latest single “Keep Driving”. The track was produced by Jakob Mooney and features Will Deely of Beartooth on guitar and vocals and Adam Gilbert of Starset on drums.


Picture: Laura Carter of Vanish Point Photography

Lyrically, the single was written by guitarist and vocalist Zach Lukkarila after a particularly difficult panic attack. “In that post-anxiety period of derealization where reality doesn’t make any sense, I needed something to ground myself and hold onto,” explains Lukkarila. “This song was a result of telling myself that I’ll be okay if I just keep pushing forward. Keep Driving is really just a metaphor for not giving up when things seem like they’re at their worst.

Along with the single, Cotter have also released a music video. The Frank Mareno produced video showcases the band in their element on stage, mixed with footage of them roaming their native Columbus, Ohio. You can watch the video below.

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