Are you looking to get your band interviewed or reviewed? Please get in touch with the webzine! You can send me a message at valentine[at] Please note that I do not consider submissions via social networks! MP3 files or streaming links to your songs are required. You can also send me a physical copy of your album/EP if you want to be sure to be reviewed or interviewed! Please note that I only feature Punk-Rock, Pop-Punk, or Alternative bands through the webzine.

PR Service

Are you looking for a PR service to promote your band, music video, album or EP? Please get in touch with me! You can send me a message at valentine[at] All you have to do is present your band and what your needs are. I will show you two different PR packages and we’ll discuss what’s best for you! Unlike the webzine, the PR service covers more musical styles (Pop-Punk, Indie, Electro, Metalcore, Punk-Rock …).