Due to the amount of submissions I’ve received lately and as we develop the press relations part of the agency, I’m currently overwhelmed with work. I no longer wish to receive press releases by mail or Facebook! Please send your submissions for the WEBZINE via SubmitHub or Groover. It’ll be way easier for me! I try to listen to absolutely all the songs I receive. Also, I absolutely do not consider submissions via social networks.

PR Service

For years, we have been developing our press relations service. While our webzine is focused on pop-punk and punk-rock bands, the PR agency is accepting all type of submissions. All you have to do is present your band and what your needs are. I will show you our different PR packages and we’ll discuss what’s best for you!


Spotify playlist

Please don’t submit your song via email. I am using Soundplate or Tunemunk for the Spotify playlist and it’s really easy to submit your song! If your track is added to our playlist, you’ll be informed by email! Please don’t submit your song ten times, if it has never been featured, it’s because we didn’t think it’d be a good fit for our playlist.