Saint Evil Street – “Cursed” (EP review)

The new EP from Saint Evil Street is intriguing to say the least. What stands out immediately is the subtlety that the instruments are played with.

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Warfaith – “Pint of Pils” (EP review)

Warfaith is a French thrash metal band formed in 2012 by five friends who all have the same state of mind: To always have a good time! The guys recently revealed their new EP, “Pint of Pils”, and here’s what our reviewer Derek had to say about it!

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Ninjas and Aliens – “Come Together” (Album Review)

The Quebec-based Ninjas and Aliens caused a major hit of nostalgia for me. From the opening track of “Come Together I instantly thought I was listening to MxPx, namely because the lead vocalist (Joel) sounds so much like Mike Herrera. The nostalgia ended though as I started to uncover Ninjas and Aliens’ sound was theirs and theirs alone.

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