GREG REKUS unveils details about ‘Sibling Cities’ album!

With an acoustic guitar in his hands and a giant stomp box under his feet, Winnipeg’s GREG REKUS delivers his own unique brand of punk rock-infused folk music guaranteed to shake rafters, move floorboards, and get even the most stoic of concert-goers out of their seats.

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No Sunlight unveil “It’s Always Been You” single details!

No Sunlight are an Alternative / Post Hardcore band from Manchester, UK. The bands musical style involves fast and heavy guitar riffs with melodic and catchy vocal melodies. Influences include the likes of Thrice, Royal Blood, Jimmy Eat World, Brand New and Alkaline trio.

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[PREMIERE] Tiny Kingdoms unveil “Realms” EP!

Chicago buds Tiny Kingdoms are making us the pleasure to premiere, in exclusivity, their latest release,  titled “Realms”.

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Rockers Sir Cadian Rhythm unveil new single “Headstands”

Based out of the concrete jungle that is NYC, Sir Cadian Rhythm is an eclectic rock band known for their captivating live performance and infectious melodies.

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Learn the story behind Looseville’s single “Dagger”!

Founded in 2013, Looseville is a four-piece punk rock band from Helsinki, Finland. The band fuses a robust punk sound with some colorful melodies and guitar parts. The band’s debut EP “Fallout” was released on December 2017.

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Les Psykokondriak s’apprêtent à sortir un nouvel album!

Psykokondriak est une hydre à six têtes, une chimère de rock’n roll et de Hip-Hop: fusion de grooves imparables, de refrains entêtants, de scratch virtuoses et de flows ravageurs.

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Introducing John Ferry and his single “Fun”!

John Ferry is an acoustic rock singer and songwriter from New Jersey. He recently dropped a single named “Fun”, from his debut EP “The Green EP”.

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Punk rockers 77 Gianky Project to release debut album!

77 Gianky Project was founded by the historic southern italian punk band Meat For Dogs guitarist in 2016, who’ll debut, in March 2018, with the album “Non mi fermerò mai” (“I will never stop”).

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Coretheband unveil debut single “Update”!

CORETHEBAND recently released their debut single “Update”. This song is indeed from their upcoming debut album titled “I (DON’T) KNOW”, which will be released on the 23rd of March. The same day that they are headlining the Camden Assembly!

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Pop punks Reuther to release first full length “Like a Ghost”!

Hey everyone. This week, I’m back with a brand new pop-punk band that I’m really glad I got the chance to discover! Hailing from Detroit, Reuther is a band that rose from the ashes of the former projects of the founding members James Vee and Daniel Stover.

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